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That Fightin' Irish Spirit

Last night, for St. Patrick's Day, ERG hosted a lively Guns N' Energy event at Northern Lights Recreation's conference room.

Jason Hayes, the Director of Energy and Environmental Policy for the Mackinaw Center for Public Policy spoke. The topic: Seven Principles of a Sound Energy Policy.

Brenden Boudreau, the founder of Great Lakes Gun Rights, also presented. He largely informed the group about the anti-2A gun control legislation emanating out of Lansing.

Both gentlemen traveled from Down State to Harbor Springs, and we are most grateful for the valuable, interesting information they generously shared.

Also: Lots of good questions from the audience; an entertaining skit featuring "Glimmer and Evergreen," two young WOKE activists; and several public officials who mingled and enjoyed themselves. Finally, ERG celebrated the 245th birthday of Robert Emmet, the Irish patriot whom the county is named after. Folks were encouraged to pose with a selfie with Mr. Emmet who was born on March 4, 1778.

We thank everyone who braved a frosty night to attend and participate. Erin go Bragh!



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