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Easter: It's All About a "He"

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer took to X (formerly Twitter) on Trans Day of Visibility (also Easter Sunday) to reach out to some of his/her/their constituents. The X: "I see you; I've got your back ... There's nothing more American than living your life the way you want to live it ... You should have the freedom to be who you are and be loved for it - no matter what!" She condemned hateful laws and bills to the contrary.

Was he/she/they addressing all the law-abiding gunowners in the state who are seeing their rights assaulted? Sadly, NO! Was he/she/they standing up for all the homeschoolers in Michigan being targeted by hateful lawmakers? Sadly, NO! Maybe he/she/they was advocating for rural Michiganders who don't want toxic battery plants, inefficient windmills and solar farms, or busloads of illegal aliens degrading their quiet communities? Again, sadly, NO!

Again, sadly, the Governor was offering his/her/their favorable sentiments and pledging support for the transgender community on the 15th anniversary of Trans Day of Visibility, which was founded by Rachel Crandall-Crocker of the Great Lakes State.

He/she/they did, however, wish some residents a "Hoppy Easter" and hoped that the Easter Bunny provided the kids with a treat.

Bizarre and banal.

Nevertheless, we wish our readers - and even Gov. Whitmer, however she identifies - a Joyous Easter. The good news is that Christ died and rose from death for all men and women. Believe!



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