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Meet the Founders


Bill Shearer is a retired controller at Dow Chemical; an entrepreneur; a mentor; an adviser; a resident and precinct delegate of Resort Township; and he attends Jesus is Lord Community Church


John Tillotson is a retired engineer, graduated from LSSU, has 6 children and more than a few grandchildren, attends St Francis Church, and is a Bear Creek Township precinct delegate.


Wid Lyman lives in Petoskey and is a precinct delegate. He is a Christian constitutional conservative with a CDL and advanced degrees in transportation engineering.


Chris McCray, a retired small business owner, husband, father, and grandfather, lives in Resort township.  He enjoys going to the gym and is a long-time Christian conservative.

John Swartout is a retired professional mariner, an English major, and a Petoskey native. He is a resident of Bear Creek Township, a constitutional conservative, and an elected precinct delegate.

erg: in physics, a unit of work; from the Greek, ergon, meaning ‘work’

Emmet Responsible Government (ERG) . . . our mission statement

The goal of our work is to preserve and defend our lives, liberty, and property through the promotion of the truth and an insistence on good governance.


It is our work to be informed about issues, legislation, and candidates; to attend meetings, rallies, and other gatherings; to write letters and emails; to utilize social media; to support candidates and causes; and to exercise and defend our rights and responsibilities as Michiganders and Americans.


ERG is working against the forces in our country, state, and county that seek to undermine our constitutional republic and traditional American way of life and impose a secular, socialist government.  To that end, we support elected officials and policies that share our vision for Emmet County, the 107th MI House District, the MI 37th Senate District, the MI 1st Congressional District, our State, and our Nation.


Like the men of Issachar, who joined King David’s army, we work to understand our times and discern what to do (I Chron 12:32).  And we pray for our leaders, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives (I Tim 2:1,2).

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