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Don't Uglify Harbor Springs

Central planners and government officials are on a quest to "streamline" Harbor Springs' zoning code to favor higher density housing, downtown expansion, and - ugh - overdevelopment.

These fools want Harbor (population around 1300) to be an MEDC and Redevelopment Ready Community where Lansing, not locals, would have a BIG say in any future changes. And no doubt, the character, charm of the city would be negatively impacted.

At least that's how ERG sees it.

Here's the Petoskey News-Review's reporting on the zoning changes.

A national publication weighs in.

A petition campaign has been launched.

The next Harbor Springs City Council meeting is May 6th, 7 pm.


2 commentaires

22 avr.

We have a choice; density or sprawl. Those are the only options. Seems ERG chooses sprawl. Not sure I agree? Sprawl means infrastructure costs, and damage to environments, more traffic, etc. A more dense center would be better imho.


Lou Zako
Lou Zako
22 avr.

Excellent post. Government, even at the local level, can be detrimental to one's health.

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