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Scary: Watchdog Exposes MI Dept of Ed. Disdain for Parental Consent

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Christopher Rufo (pictured), a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute who exposed Critical Race Theory in academia, has published a new article about the Michigan Dept. of Education.

It's a shocker, really, the utter disdain these bureaucrats have for parents. Here's what he has learned:

"The [MI] Department of Education teaches school employees how to facilitate the sexual transition of children under their care, while keeping the process a secret from parents. The trainers explicitly tell educators that they should keep a student’s new name, pronouns, and sexual identity confidential, including from family, unless otherwise directed by the child ... Even if a student is suicidal, the department recommends that school officials keep the student’s sexual transition a secret from parents."

If you want to watch the video, that backs up Rufo's findings, go here.

And due to Rufo's reporting, the MDE issued a response. Defensive one at that.

Update: Tudor Dixon holds a press conference. Mike Shirkey spearheads a condemnation.



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