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Public Comment is a Beautiful Thing

Last week Wid Lyman, founder of ERG, spoke at the Emmet County Board of Commissioners against the proposed Transit Authority. You can hear his remarks here (starts at 5:16, ends at 7:44).

Public comment at the BoC, btw, is open to everyone. Individuals can "speak their mind" for three minutes at the beginning of the commissioners' meeting and towards the end of it. Of course, one can't use profane language or indulge in personal attacks, and you gotta stick to the time limit. Otherwise it's a splendid opportunity to explain to the Commissioners and staff your viewpoint on an issue - from mass transit to election security to affordable housing to millages to economic development. If you are nervous about speaking extemporaneously, you can read from a "script." Easy peasy. Photo: Wid facing Charlie McGinnis, Dave White, Dave Wargel (l to r).



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