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Packed House at Annual Pro-Life Event

The annual Emmet County Right to Life benefit dinner took place yesterday at the Grand Unity Center of Petoskey.

Over 300 pro-preborn advocates, including politicians and clergy, attended - a record! Keynote speaker, Brian Cusack, Right to Life of MI's Development Coordinator, encouraged the crowd to become actively involved with defeating Proposal 3. It's also known as the Reproductive Freedom for All. Here's how the initiative will appear on the ballot. Dinner attendees were strongly encouraged to donate to an anti-3 RTL media campaign in northern Michigan.

For good reason.

If this amendment to the Michigan constitution prevails, via a public vote, it would, among other things, wipe out laws requiring parental and informed consent and eliminate the ban on the taxpayer funding of abortions.

Despite the seriousness of the issue and despite the fact that there's hard work ahead to encourage folks to vote "no," the evening was one of camaraderie and fellowship. And the food was outstanding, too!



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