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MI-01 Republican Leaders Denounce Trump Indictment

Politicians and a party leader, in our district, have issued strong statements condeming the persecution of Donald J. Trump by the Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

A sampling:

Rep. Neil Friske: "It’s completely unsettling to think we may have to witness a former president, who is currently running in the next election, perp walked on live television, and treated like a political prisoner," Friske said. "Maybe you wouldn’t be surprised to hear about the leader of the opposition being arrested in certain developing nations, but this is America."

Congressman Jack Bergman: "After an endless quest to destroy former President Trump and those who support him, a Soros-funded District Attorney is pursuing yet another politically motivated witch hunt. While the DA turns a blind eye to rampant and heinous violent crimes, he chooses instead to politically manipulate the rule of law to prosecute a former President."

Parker Fairbairn, ECRP chair: "This DA has a history of downgrading criminal felonies into misdemeanors, even for gun crimes and attacks on police, but Bragg has now taken what might be a misdemeanor at worst and upgraded it to a felony in order to beat the statute of limitations. This unprecedented attack on a former President and current candidate for the Presidency has been condemned by legal experts across the political spectrum. Punishing our political opponents through our legal system cannot stand!"



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