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Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Groomed by Planned Parenthood

So who approves of these sort of morally bankrupt seminars at North Central Michigan College? And is an opposing point of view ever offered? Say, the psychological costs of partaking in "safe sex." Or, that Planned Parenthood's creepy founder, Margaret Sanger, was a supporter of eugenics?

But snacks ...

NCMC is, obviously, lacking strong leadership, as evidenced by the recent resignation of a trustee who cited frustrations with the culture of the college.

ERG agrees, but, perhaps, views the culture angle, differently. Dr. David Roland Finley, the college president, et al., do have a duty to provide a certain standard of care for the young people, some still in their teens, at the college.

But are they?

Walk through the Borra Learning Center sometime, and see the flyers for the newer classes being offered, as well as the stickers on the faculty's office doors. Welcome to Wokeville!

When mostly one point of view is championed, incessantly, that's not a college dedicated to critical thinking. That's an indoctrination center. And that's not very caring. Push back against your taxpayer dollars being used for gaslighting students.

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