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Loving a Health Dept? That's Weird

A new nonprofit has been launched, spearheaded by former Emmet County Commissioner Charlie MacInnis, to advocate for the Health Dept. of Northwest Michigan. It's called Friends of HDNW and features an I heart HDNW logo on the website.

Apparently, a government entity dedicated to health equity, with a mega budget and scores of employees (one, at least, who does public relations) needs a citizen-caped-crusader doubling as a mask-wearing vax warrior to advocate for more entrenched bureaucracy and be supportive of dubious pandemic protocols? Sounds #PfizerPartner.

If you just can't stomach how elected officials are voting or running these health board meetings (which is what this is mostly about), then primary him or her or support a candidate who shares your viewpoint. It's way easier than trying to get donations for a fledging nonprofit.

Sorry, Charlie. You are not on the right side of history on this one. We need more Americans who will expose the controligarchs not coddle them.

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