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GOP County Conventions Tonight

Tonight Republican Precinct Delegates, from St. Joe to Midland to the Soo, will convene for a county convention to elect delegates to the August 27th MIGOP convention to be held in Lansing. Those elected to attend the state convention will nominate a lite governor, attorney general, secretary of state, two justices to the Michigan Supreme Court, two members of the State Board of Education, and two members for Wayne State Board of Governors, Michigan State University Board of Trustees, and University of Michigan Board of Regents.

Every candidate, but the lieutenant governor, was "decided" at the April convention. The August convention will "ratify" the spring choices. But, it will, of course, be very interesting to see who Tudor Dixon's running mate will be.

Even if you are not a delegate or much involved with party politics, consider going. Learn about the process. Meet some like-minded folks.

In Emmet County the county convention will be held at the Northern Lights Recreation conference room at 7 pm.



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