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Election Integrity Attorney: 11/8 Observations

Attorney Dan Hartman, who has filed legal challenges to MI voting procedures, discusses the shenanigans in Ann Arbor (and East Lansing) which he personally witnessed (at the 1:04 mark).

He spoke about this and much more to a local group this past week.

Video is here. Towards the end of it, Dan offers his view of the future.


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Unknown member
19. Nov. 2022

Caveat Emptor?

Let’s do a little homework? Given that Petoskey lawyer Hartman seems to think he has found — what? — evidence of election fraud?

Right off the bat this year — in Krazy Kristine Karamo’s failed lawsuit to toss out some 60,000 Detroiters’ absentee ballots — Hartman & his Karamo crew, including the “Election Integrity Force (!):”

  • Failed to notice that the AV ballots they wanted dumped would have included those cast and mailed by U.S. troops stationed around the U.S. and overseas;

  • Would have removed the judge (Timothy Kenny) who, apparently they didn’t know: (1) routinely handles all such election cases, and (2) who was NOT on the November ballot;

  • Faced a scathing scold from Kenny that stated…

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Unknown member
19. Nov. 2022
Antwort an

It appears attorney Hartman DOES know a thing or two about election fraud?

He’s representing a Wisconsin man who’s charged with just that! Two (2) felonies and two (2) misdemeanors.

His client proves widespread fraud is possible, must exist, by — wait for it! committing it? (I KNOW it’s possible and easy to start a forest fire! Just watch me, the arsonist!). I hope ERG stays on top of these cases? Whether plaintiffs — in the Karamo Case — are ordered to face sanctions and costs.

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