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'Consultant' Whines about Lack of Free Booze at MIGOP Convention

Well, well, well.

Dennis Lennox, a cheerleader for the GOP donor class and self-styled political consultant, wrote a column for the Detroit News bemoaning the so-called takeover of the Republican Party, this past weekend, by activists who have "little or no interest in defeating Democrats."

That statement is 100% wrong but fairly polite. In an interview with Nick Rhudy, of WMKT, Lennox shamed these same activists as "crazies" (at the 6:55 mark).

He also insulted Kristina Karamo, the newly-elected MIGOP chair, as a "D-List" Stacey Abrams.

But the worst part of the weekend convention for Lennox? "Likewise, the kind of parties with all-you-can-drink alcohol that used to be sponsored by lobbyists and slush funds were noticeably missing from the unofficial schedule. The cup of coffee from the Michigan Education Association ended up being one of the few free drinks on offer."

Poor baby.

You can contact Dennis Lennox here.

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