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Bay View's Lefty Restroom Politics

Disappointing and alarming how the Bay View Association, founded by members of the Methodist Episcopal Church Association, in 1875, for the advancing of scientific/intellectual culture, as well as "for the promotion of the Christian religion and morality," is now grandstanding by using trendy bathroom signage.

(Notice the second from the left gender transitioning/fluid/confused/whatever symbol.)

The Bible says male and female He created them. But that's not good enough, apparently, for the "religious" Bay Viewers who are eager to throw their lot in with cancel-culture progressives.

For instance ... The press release the Association issued boasting about their participation in a CROP Hunger Walk also notes the involvement of the Emmet County Democrats.

We remain strong believers in speaking your conscience and in voluntary association but gender restroom politics ... not so much. It's not safe. And if an Association founded by American Protestants isn't comfortable adhering to Scripture or for advocating protecting women from troubling encounters in or near a public restroom, then, Houston, we have a problem.



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