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Again! MI School is Masking Kids

Editor's note: This article was written by Liberty Paige; it originally appeared at We are reposting it with the author's permission. Let it also serve as a reminder that the philosophy of the elected officials who serve on our local health board is very pertinent.

Yes, the insanity has returned to the Ann Arbor Public School system where masking kids has started all over again.

Superintendent, Jeanice Kerr Swift, announced, “On further consideration of the disruption caused for families when schools are closed due to illness and absences, and in the light of the current health risks for our students and staff, we are updating the AAPS Health Advisory as follows: Masks are REQUIRED while indoors at AAPS schools from January 9-20.”

It goes on to say, “The Ann Arbor Public Schools will REQUIRE well-fitting (not bad fitting) masks to be worn by students, staff and visitors while indoors in AAPS schools beginning on January 9th and during the first two weeks following the winter break. Extra masks are available at all school buildings for use by students and staff.”

Note to everyone: it doesn’t say you have to wear the masks on your face. Just sayin’… Swift concludes in her tyrannical directive, “During this time of return from travel and social activities, the requirement of masks while indoors at school is a measure to reduce the spread of respiratory illness and related absenteeism and to prioritize health and in-school learning, particularly at this transition time following the winter break. We all understand the critical importance of our students and staff being present for in-school learning on every day possible.”

The masks are obviously in response to the viruses going around in Michigan because kids have never gotten sick before, as you know, and masks stop EVERY virus from spreading whether it’s COVID-19, RSV, the flu, XBB.1.5, PVC2023, XYZ123 … whatever …

When will this madness stop? It won’t. Not as long as the crazy leftists are in charge of the schools.



Jan 16, 2023

You might as well strap a Petri dish on the kids.

A technical class in Osha filtration parameters and requirements will put to rest the efficacy of these masks. In fact, if these masks were used in a larger particulate industrial application, one would receive a very substantial fine for negligent practice.


Jan 16, 2023

Ugh! Let's hope our local leaders keep that away from here...!

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