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Friske Versus Groomers

Updated: Feb 25

MI Rep. Neil Friske, MI-107, is pushing back against the morally irresponsible American Library Association and its minions who work in taxpayer-funded libraries.

The ALA now openly encourages librarians to subvert community standards and disregard parental authority while pushing questionable sexual content on young readers. Some, like Neil Friske, dare call it "grooming."

Rep. Friske is the sponsor of HB 4136. The conservative lawmaker introduced the bill to protect minors from the porn in libraries by calling for a restricted viewing area (for obscene material) for adults only.

His unapologetic statement (pictured) mentions concerned constituents in Emmet County and is spot on.

We have to ask: What are the chances that the Democrats in the Michigan legislature will allow this bill to come to a vote? C'mon, libs. Do it FOR THE CHILDREN!

Photo: Twitter. Rep. Neil Friske in the center. Flanked by Rep. Angela Rigas and Rep. Matt Maddock.

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