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RINOS oust Rubingh from Health Board

Antrim County Commissioner Jarris Rubingh (pictured) has been removed from the Health Dept of NW MI Board of Health by his fellow Republican commissioners.

The dairy famer, who has been a fierce opponent of bloated government, mask mandates, and DEI-driven grants, has served on the Health Board for the past two years. He wanted to continue to do so.

But Antrim County BoC Chair Terry VanAlstine had other ideas and "proposed himself to serve on the board." Hmmmm. By a vote of 4 to 1, Rubingh was removed and VanAlstine took his spot. He will serve with Dawn LaVanway, another fake, MAGA-disparaging 'Republican.'

The action prompted Rubingh to ask: “Is there a reason that you are doing exactly what the Democrats want you to do?”

He received no relevant response to that pertinent query.

It's obvious, based on their votes, that too many GOP county commissioners view government as a charity that merits no oversight. We have a few of those commishes in Emmet County.

Newsflash: If you run as a Republican you have agreed to stand for fiscal conservatism, free markets, individual responsibility, and LIMITED government. If you don't agree with those ideals and vote against them, then, indeed you are doing the bidding of Democrats who want to [non-sustainably] expand the scope of government into healthcare, housing, education, etc. etc. Be honest. Run as the Democrats that you are.

Thumbs down to the Antrim County commissioners who voted to remove Commissioner Rubingh (who never backs down during a debate). May you four be primaried into oblivion.

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