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Yawn! More Hokum

Poor Kirstyn Horan, so misinformed, yet still trying to undermine the work of Commissioner Rich Ginop and other similarly-minded representatives on the Northwest Michigan Board of Health.

Where to start? We'll go in order of the complaints in her letter (pictured).

1) Commissioner Rich Ginop, also chair of the Emmet County Board of Commissioners, has never had any editorial involvement in the ERG website. He was a founder of the ERG grassroots group, but once he was elected as a Commissioner, he took the honorable path by removing himself from its leadership. In fact, he no longer appears on the ABOUT page of the website and has been replaced by another informed, hard-working patriot.

2) The articles/blogs presented at this website do not "actively work against the mission" of the Health Dept. of Northwest Michigan (HDNW). They accurately report on issues and policies, encouraging the Dept. to work within its mission for the benefit of all who live in the four counties represented. Of course, Ms. Horan cited no 'false claims' or 'divisive topics.' As with many Covidian health agitators, a 'false claim' means she disagrees with someone, even if she's wrong.

3) Chair Ginop most certainly did not 'appoint' himself to the Board of Health, as she claims. In fact, many Emmet County residents witnessed him getting elected to the health board. Quite a difference!

4) Many constituents represented by this Health Board believe there needed (and still does need) to be a change in the manner that the Board conducts its business in order to stay within its 'mission.' ERG has consistently encouraged this Board to: a) stop spending massive amounts of money with little or no oversight, and b) stop enforcing mandates (e.g. masks, vaccines, lock downs, and shut downs) that put our citizens at risk. To that end, we applaud the integrity with which Rich Ginop is governing.

Finally, we implore the Health Board to continue to rein in the HDNW bureaucracy and serve our county responsibly.



Jun 07, 2023

How did ERG ascertain Kristin Horan's work email to County Adminstrator and her respective County Comissioner? Who provided that to you, in order to write this opinion statement?


May 10, 2023

While the argument you've outlined is a common one regarding concepts like "health equity," it's based on several misconceptions about what health equity actually means, the role of public health departments, and the nature of resource distribution.

Firstly, let's clarify what "health equity" means. The World Health Organization defines health equity as not only the absence of avoidable or remediable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically or geographically, but also the fair distribution of health determinants, access, and outcomes. It's not about comparing individual health statuses or "redistributing health" from healthier individuals to less healthy ones as the argument suggests. It's about ensuring that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be…


May 07, 2023

So, you're not allowed to run for county commissioner if you believe in limited government...?

I ONLY vote for candidates who want to strip the government down to its bare bones. Want to get rid of the EPA? You get my vote!


May 06, 2023

Jeez, you guys can't deny you have a point of view, and it certainly seems to the rest of us like your mission is to work against the Health Dept. and every other part of government. Maybe you don't mean to give that vibe, but you very much are. Furthermore, Mr. Ginop was in FACT involved with EmmetRG. We can quibble over definitions of founder or member or editor, but the underlying point stands. So one can't fault folks for pointing out that fact.


Lou Zako
Lou Zako
May 06, 2023

Who is Kirstyn Horan? Is he/she another hissy-fit Democrat?

May 07, 2023
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