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Wuhan Whistleblower to Visit Petoskey

Make plans to join MI State Rep. Neil Friske and his guest, Andrew Huff, at the North Central Michigan College library later this month.

Dr. Huff is not only a Wuhan lab whistleblower, he is also a an Iraq War veteran. The scientist-by-training was a research fellow at the Federal Dept. of Homeland Security's Center of Excellence.

Here's his website.

Visit to RSVP.


1 Comment

Nov 18, 2023

OK, so your very next post is whining about what is going on at NCMC. Here you are inviting folks to a thing at NCMC. If I’m following you, you are against meetings and classes you don’t agree with, but cool with events for/about issues with which you do agree. I mean! The hypocrisy!! Cripe.

Clearly none of you are Methodist and don’t subscribe to John Wesley’s instruction to agree to disagree. It boils down to respect for your fellow citizens.

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