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Women's Wave Rally in Emmet County

Today, according to the Emmet County Democrats, is a National Day of Action.

With only one month to go before the election, the liberals gathered at the 'hole' in the City of Petoskey with their pro-abortion, pro-proposal 3, and ROE signs for a Women's Wave. To them the "future is female," which means aggressively working to elect more women* to public office who champion abortion on demand.

The pro-life side can't do enough to counter the messaging. If organizing a stand out isn't your thing, perhaps you can print out the handouts or mail the postcards (like the ones pictured). Figure out a strategy to get them to folks beyond family, friends, or people who already agree with your point-of-view.

The Michigan constitution stands to be amended in a catastrophic manner if these proposals pass. Consider: The future can be influenced ... today!



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