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Who's Going to the Convention?

The Emmet County Republican Party held its county convention last Thursday. Ten delegates and ten alternate delegates were selected to attend the MIGOP state convention. It will be held in Lansing in mid-February. The theme of the convention is United for the Future.

The delegates are: Parker Fairbairn, John Swartout, Dan Hartman, Geri Szymanski, Janet Szymanski, Victoria Fairbairn, Jenny Nolan, Bob Johnson, Tom Banks, and Tara Guthrie.

The alternates are: George Ranville, Bob Wiley, Fred Simons, Dora Johnson, Wanda White, Bill Shearer, John Nehr, Joyce Burns, Kyle Denholm, and Cindy Nehr.

Delegates will voting on the next state party chair, vice-chairs, and district chairs.

Also at the county convention - three folks were elevated as Precinct Delegates. They are Jeff Peters, Mark Rybicki, and Mike White.



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