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Who Could Possibly Object?

It was refreshing - very much so - to see public officials - county commissioners - beginning the Feb. board meeting of the Health Dept. of Northwest Michigan with a prayer.

(You can watch it here.)

Not only is it wise to humble oneself in the sight of the Lord, as James 4:10 advises, an opening prayer at a government meeting does not violate the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution (See the Town of Greece v. Galloway.)

ERG hopes the practice continues, as it's a way better way to begin a public meeting than is a "land acknowledgement."



Mar 04, 2023

Lynn, your hesitancy about public prayer is understandable, but many others don't share that hesitancy and need not be criticized for doing exactly what Jesus did, many times in public (Lk 3:21; Mt 11:25; Jn 11:41; on the cross), and what Paul encouraged all of us to do on a regular basis. The Old Testament references many long public prayers, by kings and prophets, which God graciously answered. And, without a public acknowledgment of God, to whom we owe our very existence, it is hard to imagine we deserve His blessings, which we should all desire.

"Big public shows"? That would not be acceptable. There were none. As for Mt 6:5, Jesus forbids praying in order "to be seen by…


Mar 01, 2023

I also think stating a prayer at a public meeting is not quite right, especially a prayer that is not inter-faith. There are many in our community that are not Christians. Maybe a moment of silence, so people can say their own prayers, would be more appropriate.


Feb 27, 2023

What happened to saying the pledge?!!

Feb 27, 2023
Replying to

I like the Pledge for all community and government meetings/activities. I'm a big fan of prayer, but in public? It feels like a violation of Jesus' teaching. Don't folks worry about following the Bible? (Matthew 6:5) I've never been comfortable with big public shows of prayer outside of church. It's a little creepy. Yes, I know my own mother, as President, opened Petoskey School Board meetings with a moment of silence, during which she prayed, but that was not out loud.

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