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Whitmer: Abolish ICE

Governor Gretchen Whitmer's views on the Immigration Enforcement Agency known as ICE is the stuff of Halloween nightmares.

She is on the record saying that ICE is "fundamentally cruel, unconstitutional, undemocratic" and thinks the organization should be abolished.

And here's an article that notes some of her other globalist, woke views on the topic of immigration. In contrast, Tudor Dixon, GOP gubernatorial nominee, has stated that if elected she would ban sanctuary jurisdictions.

Wayne, Kalamazoo, Kent, and Ingham counties have enacted sanctuary policies, and the city of Lansing refuses to comply with immigration detainers which denies ICE the opportunity to interview incarcerated aliens.

Scary stuff, indeed.

P.S. Remember there's a debate tomorrow between the two candidates. It will be hosted by FOX 17.

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