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When Junk Science Meets 'Art'

The Tempestry Project is a wall hanging that is displayed at the North Central Michigan College library.

It’s colorful and … political.

Tempestries - a blend of the words temperature and tapestry - are collaborative fiber arts projects that push climate activism.

The one at NCMC is the creation of nine liberal women with ties to the college. The point of all the knitting (very Madame Defarge, by the way) by the ladies is to offer a visual representation of changing local temps from 2009 to 2017. According to the Petoskey News-Review, “The oranges and reds in the middle each year grew and when you hang them side by side viewers could visually see a persistent warming trend.”

And, “The data used [from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration] focuses specifically on weather in northern Michigan … and how changes in coastal areas or the droughts in the west changed the weather in their own backyards.”

Really? In their own backyards? ERG thinks weather is gonna weather. It’s unpredictable and uncontrollable. And if you really care about greenhouse gas emissions, Ms. Fiber Artistes, have you stopped using air travel, sold your car, and downsized to a studio apartment?

The Tempestry Project is just more boring virtue signaling - yet another way to foist global warming alarmism on unsuspecting community college students, since this wall hanging has nothing to do with the mission of a library or with the consent of the governed.

NCMC’s Physical Plant staff, by the way, helped with the mosaic’s placement - taxpayer dollars pay those salaries and staff time.

If you think this is a nothing burger, not particularly irresponsible government in the scheme of things, you may have a point. But still, ask yourself: What if 9 conservative men from the community wanted to showcase a “God Controls the climate” photo exhibit in the library? Backed up not with suspect NOAA data, but with Scripture verses? The latter being eminently more reliable than the former.

Would the NCMC trustees carve out a large spot for it on the campus? Would the woke faculty balk and, falsely, claim it’s a violation of the Establishment Clause? Would President David Ronald Finley defend the gentlemen?

We think you know the answers to those queries.



Mar 27, 2023

Lol! Love the DeFarge comment! 😆


Mar 27, 2023

Wait, how is this "junk science"? The temps are the temps. Saw the headline and clicked thinking this was going to be real actual data like that the representation didn't follow the temps or something, not silly complaints. Yeesh. Why do you say Defarge? Why not "very Betsy Ross"? Why do you accuse the 9 women of hypocrisy? You don't know if they recycle, grow food, bike to work, etc. Seems like you are just assuming things without any actual facts. Nothing about climate change science deems that the Lord isn't controlling it. Obviously the Lord is controlling the climate. Duh.

Mar 29, 2023
Replying to

At the very least, the depiction of these so-called official temps (We know that many data points have been manipulated over the years!) is 'junky' on its face. Real science would put the temps in context with previous decades. The 'years' would be the same length, since ALL years ARE the same length. And other (including competing) explanations would be offered. When have you seen that in our libraries? Obviously, this 'art' fits more in the genre of 'propaganda.'


Lou Zako
Lou Zako
Mar 27, 2023

Excellent commentary. This is one more reason for conservatives need to pay attention to all public offices during election season, including school boards and community college boards, and most importantly, vote.

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