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When it's Fake News

Fact-checking the self-appointed 'fact-checker,' obviously a misinformed, disinformation sort. (See social media post pictured).

1) Every County Commissioner candidate was invited by email. Except for one, every candidate who did not respond was contacted with a follow-up phone call.

2) Four Republican candidates responded in the affirmative to the forum invite; one said he wanted to come, but would be out of town; one did not respond at all. Two Democrats responded that they were going to be out of town; three Democrats did not respond, even after phone calls with a discussion about format and topics; one Democrat wanted to participate, but not as the solo Democrat.

3) Rich Ginop was not involved in the selection of topics, but he was notified the same as the others.

4) Safe to say the evening was FUN, informative, and inspiring.

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