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What Color is Your Politics?

Emmet Responsible Government (ERG) sponsored a Christian Men's Round Table last night in Harbor Springs.

Addressing the group were Luke Malace (pictured), of TPAction; Rich Ginop, Emmet County Board of Commissioners chair; Neil Friske, State Rep for the 107th; and John Damoose, State Senator for the 37th.

The task for the evening was to determine where on the political spectrum, via blue to purple to red cards, the attendees fell depending on the issue - gun rights to affordable housing to immigration and so forth.

Overwhelmingly "red" was the most popular color. Natch.

ERG thanks the fifty (or so) men who attended including the four speakers. ERG also appreciates Luke traveling from Midland to encourage folks to stay involved in local politics. Kudos to our representatives - Rich, Neil, John - for engaging with their constituents and listening to them.

The event featured FREE parking, FREE pizza, FREE literature, and FREE speech.

The next ERG event will be in March.


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Luke Malace
Luke Malace
Feb 25, 2023

A great evening with a great group of men!

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