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Weaponizing Conspiracies 101

We note that Professor Scott LaDeur, a political science faculty member at North Central Michigan College, is offering a course next semester titled, “Conspiracy Theories and Fake News in U.S. Politics.”

This class could be either a huge waste of taxpayer money or a fine opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking skills.

The promo/blurb for the class features conspiracy theories like those promoted by Obama birthers, 9/11 Truthers, and QAnon adherents to name three of the four prominent examples. But, does only one side of the political spectrum ‘conspire’? Does Alex Jones conspire, but not Joy Reid? Donald Trump but not Joe Biden? C’mon, Man!

We think the professor, who often acts as a host for candidate debates in the community, could have also mentioned so-called leftwing pet conspiracies. Some are quite germane, like the Hunter Biden laptop controversy, dismissed as Russian disinformation; the denial by Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, that the social media platform was shadowbanning conservatives; the insistence that several people were killed by ‘insurrectionists’ at J-6; and the claim that healthy schoolkids wearing masks saved lives.

Much to unpack, and much that has been debunked. As in, when is a conspiracy, which is not a conspiracy, but fact, dismissed as a conspiracy to avoid dealing with the brutal truth?

We hope that Dr. Scott will be more balanced in his approach to teaching this class than he is in advertising it.

If not, it’s definitely a waste of time for the NCMC students. Just another easy A and more indoctrination.

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