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Watch: The Great Lakes Symposium

Last Thursday the Great Lakes Symposium on Christian Worldview, hosted by the seasonal Bay Harbor Church, was held at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts. Not only was the auditorium packed, 5,000 people watched the livestream. Many who attended were from Emmet County's faith-based community.

Three panelists spoke: Jim Daly, of Focus on the Family; Kristen Waggoner of the Alliance Defending Freedom; and John Stonestreet, of the Colson Center. The overall theme was Being Faithful to Christ in a Hostile Culture. Particularly of interest were the remarks by Attorney Waggoner who represented Jack Phillips, the Masterpiece Cakeshop owner.

Do take a watch; worth your time.


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Bonnie Bridge
Bonnie Bridge
Aug 03, 2023

We are really lucky to have had this event up here! Sadly, I couldn't attend. I'm so excited that it was recorded and now I can watch it! Thank you so much for sharing!

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