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Watch: Gender Transformation DocuDrama

As PRIDE month 'drags' on, ERG invites readers to watch the trailer for a new docudrama - Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities - from EpochTV, a video streaming platform. It tackles the topic of transgenderism and features interviews with medical experts and detransitioners speaking truth to power. Gripping and well done.

And, yes, Epoch TV is affiliated with the excellent Epoch Times.

If you want to watch the first ten minutes, go here.



Jun 24, 2023

I'm so glad someone is telling this important story. Thousands of kids are buying in to this fantasy of being able to change who you are, and so many "experts" are leading them down this path of Self-Destruction!


Jun 22, 2023

The Epoch Times and Epoch TV is owned by the Falun Gong CULT. It is at best a pro-meditation group/cult, and at worst an anti-Christ group/cult. You Emmet Resp Gov folks were just railing against meditation, and you profess to be followers of Christ. Why on earth would you ever even look at Epoch?


Jun 22, 2023

The Epoch Times - must be credible, fact-based, unbiased, and thoughtful journalism. I'll have a look right away!

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