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Vote NO on the Petoskey School Bond

The incessant 'we need affordable housing' crowd have a golden opportunity to move Petoskey and its school district in a more affordable direction ... vote NO on the November ballot proposal to raise over $18 million.

Elevated property taxes fuel the high cost of residing here; the proposed capital expenditures do nothing to improve the quality of education at our schools. What we need are higher standards, not higher costs. Please, give homeowners a break ... vote NO!

Tell your friends and neighbors to vote NO.

And while we're on the subject of unsustainable property taxes, check out this ballot initiative.


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Governor Engler slashed property taxes and funds for schools. Didn’t work out well In terms of education outcomes or maintaining capital plants. Michigan spends $12,000 per student, New York State spends $25,000 on each student. We can do better.

Nobody wants higher taxes in a vacuum. What we want is our tax dollars spent well - and education is a GREAT investment!!

Lou Zako
Lou Zako

Education, like any other commodity or service, is a GREAT investment only if the product or service provided is worthwhile. Unfortunately, the track record for much of public education in the USA for the past half century has been rapidly escalating cost for a rapidly unacceptable product. Reasonable citizens would willingly pay more for public education if we witnessed a better educational product. Unfortunately, we are witnessing with our own eyes ever greater expenditures on public education with an appalling amount of illiteracy as the end product.

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