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NO on Proposal 2

The so-called "Promote the Vote" initiative petition would amend sections 4 and 7 of the state constitution ... in a very bad way.

Among the troubling proposals:

- Allow 9 days of early in-person voting;

- Require state-funded absentee-ballot drop boxes;

- Provide folks the right to identify with a simple signed statement (like the one in the photo).

All these provisions are a recipe for widespread election fraud and more work for our already hard-working county clerks. There would also be increased costs to both the state and local units of government.

Certainly do your own research on this proposal, but we heartily recommend a NO vote.



Oct 18, 2022

It's mind boggling that having photo ID is considered too burdensome, but somehow getting this affidavit as proof of identity isn't? Keep it simple: photo ID required to carry a vote. I don't like absentee ballots either. If you're going to be out of town, ok, go get an absentee ballot from your polling place. But they shouldn't be automatically sending them out.


Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Oct 17, 2022

So …

RE: “Provide folks the right to identify with a simple signed statement (like the one in the photo).”

* The “Simple signed statement“ you refer to is a sworn affidavit, with stiff penalties for lying, yes?

* Documented Examples and proven cases where these types of practices have led to “election fraud?” (Do your research)?

* It would be filled out — True? or False? — by someone who has (a) already provided ID when he or she Registered to vote and (b) filled out — and signed — another sworn statement (voter registration form) when that same person registered? * The sig on the “Simple form“ would be compared to a sig — for signatory -- on…

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