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Video: Petoskey Planning Commish Says Marijuana more problematic than cigarettes or alcohol

Last night the City of Petoskey Planning Commission held a special meeting to discuss recreational marijuana in relation as to how to plan ahead should the ballot question, posed to City residents, pass.

(More on that proposal here.)

City planner Zachary Sompels explained the evening's topics to be addressed in the discussion about rec vs medical marijuana - they were zoning, buffers, and parking.

It was a matter-of-fact, civil roundtable which, as you can tell from the empty chairs, was not well attended by the public.

However, the bright spot of the evening were the health remarks offered by Commissioner Ted Pall who is also a medical doctor. He pushed back on comments by a fellow commissioner that marijuana is similar to regulating cigarettes or alcohol. He noted the terrible developmental effects of marijuana on young brains.

Here's the YouTube. Please circulate or watch, as a reminder of the cannabis Pandora's Box American society has opened.

PS If you live in the City, please vote NO.


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