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Varner: Parental Rights Candidate for Harbor Springs School Board

Tom Varner, who spoke at the September ERG fall meeting (pictured), is a candidate for the Harbor Springs School Board.

His platform drew much applause when he shared it with the audience:

  • Keep schools open and reject lockdowns

  • Parental rights and involvement in their child’s education.

  • Parental curriculum transparency and accountability.

  • Increase school safety through proactive defense procedures.

  • Promote workforce development and technical education that leads to real and meaningful work opportunities. Not everyone needs or wants to go to college.

  • Support and promote robust civics education, our American history, American exceptionalism, and pride in our country and its founding.

  • Protect girls’ sports so girls do not have to compete with biological boys.

Tom's bona fides are compelling: His grandfather taught for 50 years in a West Texas one-room schoolhouse, his father was a founder and President of Oakland University in Rochester, MI, and President of the University of Nebraska. Tom is a United States Coast Guard Veteran, an MSU graduate, elected to three terms on the Rochester, MI, City Council, one term as Mayor Pro tempore, served on the Dryden, MI, Township Planning Commission, and currently is on the West Traverse Township Planning Commission. He is also a member of the Harbor Springs American Legion.

Advice from one of his supporters to help ensure a solid victory:

Please vote ONLY for Tom, not three candidates, as the ballot allows.

Godspeed, Mr. Varner!



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