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Transit Meeting Scrutinized

Public comment at last night's Emmet County Board of Commissioner's meeting was quite interesting!

We invite you to take a listen. Topics included vaccines, election integrity, and transit.

John Swartout, of Bear Creek, aired his concerns about procedure and the lack of 'deliberation' at the Sept. 29, 2022 meeting in which transit was the sole topic of discussion.

Stated John: "The board committed to spend up to $450,000 pursuant to a 5-year plan it hasn't seen yet and failed to specify any follow-up oversight." (Note: There are four newly-seated commissioners who did not participate at the 9/29 transit meeting.)

Props to this intrepid watchdog who is doing the investigative work the local media should be doing, but don't do.


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Chris McCray
Chris McCray
Jan 20, 2023

I’m sorry that I missed John Swartout’s comments at last night’s Emmet county commissioners meeting “up close and in person” but, thankfully, I saw and heard them here! They were that good and represented something this board really needed to hear given their primary focus, which should be on “smart spending”, especially as the possibility of economic hard times looms. We need to rally around a new “common sense conservatism” for Emmet county, so thank you, John, and thank you ERG for posting this.

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