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To Tell the Truth, Part 2

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The mailer picutred is a creation of the George Ranville for State Senate campaign.

While there is a certain amount of acceptable exaggeration in many political campaigns ("unlike my opponent, I am such and such"), candidates have to be extra careful about pushing untruths or conspiracy theories. That can backfire with the voters. Bigtime.

This mailer notes that John Damoose's film company is "left-leaning." We checked with the link provided, on the mailer, to see what it is about 45 North Productions that is so liberal. Promotion of climate change? Promotion of PRIDE rallies? Favorable interviews with AOC or Nancy Pelosi?

Well, no. John produced, " ... nine national television specials on all-American themes like Arlington National Cemetery, the Medal of Honor, Military Families, NASA, and many others. John and his father were contracted by the Department of Defense to produce the official documentary celebrating the opening of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial, both of them having been in the very corridor of the Pentagon when the plane struck 7 years earlier."

We reached out to Mr. Ranville to ask him to explain the odd descriptor but did not hear back.

Update: George Ranville has responded to this blog post. Go here.



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