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The Prosecutor v. the Librarian

Tomorrow's Lapeer District Library board meeting should be educational and volatile.

Lapeer County Prosecutor John Miller will be attending and speaking up about Gender Queer, a graphic memoir which contains jarring, sexually explicit illustrations.

The author of the book, Maia Kobabe, uses e/em/eir pronouns. (Insert eye roll.)

Prosecutor Miller has stated: "We have child protection laws in the state of Michigan. Laws already on the books, and this material, this book, in my opinion, meets some of the criteria for sexually exploitive materials."

Amy Churchill, Lapeer District director, is unfazed. "This is not a perverted, obscene book. This is a memoir of someone's life."

If you can breezily dismiss a wildly inappropriate book being marketed to teens as a "memoir," you've lost your moral compass.

And, if you're wondering, the book is available at the Petoskey library.

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