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The Mayor's Holiday Light Contest

Petoskey Mayor John Murphy invites City residents to participate in the 2022 Holiday Light Contest.

Judging will occur December 16-17 from 6 pm-9 pm. To participate, please be sure your lights are turned on! The contest is free and open to all residents in the City of Petoskey. Judging will occur from a vehicle, based on what can be seen from the street at night. Judges will not be permitted to exit the vehicle. Categories:

  • Best of Show

  • Best Use of Lights

  • Best Use of Space (small yard category)

  • Best Outdoor Christmas Tree

  • Best Traditional Holiday Display

  • Griswold House Award or Best Decorated

Winners and prizes will be announced at the December 19 City Council meeting.

Photo: This eye-catching decor is on the front law of a residence in Petoskey. Strong contender for the "outdoor Christmas tree" award.



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