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The Little Way Goes a Long Way

The Petoskey Chamber recently hosted the annual State of the Community luncheon which was attended by a who's who of Emmet County.

GROWTH and PROGRAMS were the themes (which often involve government over- spending and/or lefty social engineering).

Ergo ERG was pleased to have representation, from among the remarks presented, from our Main Street conservative, Neil Friske.

MI State House Rep Friske graciously complimented the Chamber, but he didn't shy away from touting the Freedom Caucus, his bill to protect minors from porn in libraries, and his request to Gov. Whitmer to deploy the MI National Guard to the southern border (which he recently visited.)

Read the whole thing and - a favor - contact Speaker Joe Tate and ask why Neil's Silver Alert legislation languishes.

P.S. Note to the Chamber: Why no mention of private-sector choices in your education remarks? Harbor Light Christian School, alone, is worthy of a report given the GROWTH it's experienced.



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