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The Frog, The Scorpion, The Butterfly

Editor’s note: This allegory was written by retired eye surgeon, Dr. Bob Wiley, whose birthday is today!

A scorpion wants to cross a river but cannot swim, so it asks a frog to carry it across. The frog hesitates because he knows the scorpion has a powerful stinger that could kill him. The scorpion in a very convincing voice promises not to sting the frog, pointing out that they would both drown if the scorpion were to sting the frog in the middle of the river. The frog figures it would be nice to have a powerful friend like the scorpion, and the scorpion was convincing when he promised he would not hurt him, but just to be sure, the frog smartly wraps the wings of a butterfly around the scorpion’s stinger, and they proceed across the river with the scorpion on the back of the frog.

Now this story can have one of many endings.

A Sad Possibility (similar to the legendary version of the story): The protective butterfly wings get blown off half way across the river, the scorpion stings the frog, and they both die. But, before they die the frog asks the scorpion, “Why did you sting me?” The scorpion answers, “What did you expect? I am a scorpion, after all.”

A Happy Possibility: They both make it across the river, and the scorpion and the frog live happily together ever after, as the scorpion helps the frog kill and bring in more food and only uses his stinger to help the both of them.

For a political version of this story let’s say the scorpion is Kevin McCarthy. The frog represents the Republican Party. The stinger of the scorpion is often controlled by the SWAMP, and the venom produced by the stinger can give immense power to the following interchangeable entities: cartels, Deep State, CCP, unleashed radical Democrats, communists, globalists, WEF, MSM, George Soros, Mitt Romney, Mark Zuckerberg, and Dr. Tony Fauci.

The butterfly wings represent the Freedom Caucus package delivered by Texas Rep. Chip Roy which, after the ride across the river, works well with and effectively controls the frog and the scorpion.

Happy ending: Roy and the Freedom Caucus (the butterfly) are now in control of the frog (THE REPUBLICAN PARTY) as well as the scorpion (McCarthy), and the butterfly tells him, “Now, no more support of initiatives like this, or we all drown:

· Vaccine mandates for military

· Billions for Ukraine

· Medicare $ to bail out the USPS

· DC statehood

· Amnesty for DACA

· Ignoring election integrity

· Unbalanced budgets.

With this ending, the frog, the scorpion and the butterfly ruled the river and the forest happily for many years, and all the inhabitants of the land were grateful, peaceful, and safe.

The End.


2 comentarios

13 ene 2023

U r a great patriot.

Me gusta

13 ene 2023

Happy Birthday, Dr. Bob!!

Me gusta
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