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The Bias Among Us

E. Mitchell Street in the city of Petoskey is a leafy neighborhood filled with fancy homes.

It's the ideal spot to make a "statement" with a yard sign due to all the traffic that travels up and down the street.

As of this writing, there are a flurry of signs (like the one pictured) advertising the ADL's Walk Against Hate, a national fundraising event with regional sectors. The signs carried different messages on them and mostly reminded the public what a stellar job the ADL has done standing against hate, bias, and anti-semitism.

The organization once did a fine job with that mission.

But the times ... they are quickly changing!

Serious critics of the Anti-Defamation League have pointed out the intensely partisan bent of the wealthy non-profit which spends an inordinate amount of time smearing conservative policy, dissident opinions, and being a de facto arm of activist Woke Democrats. In this column, Michelle Malkin revealed that "the open borders zealots of ADL have filed 17 amicus briefs in our courts supporting obstruction of Trump's immigration enforcement and national security measures."

Meanwhile, writer Seth Mandel reported that the ADL, in 2016, dubbed opposition to abortion a "right-wing assault on religious diversity in reproductive freedom." American Thinker notes that the ADL's CEO wanted Tucker Carlson fired for pondering voting rights and illegal aliens. This month Fox News Digital discovered that the ADL education curriculum included concepts from critical race theory and other far-left propaganda. And NY state cops were hardly amused when the ADL issued a statement claiming, after the Derek Chauvin verdict, that “our country's policing and criminal legal systems have targeted and devalued black, brown, and indigenous lives for centuries."

The police officers get the last word: "Chief Timothy Parisi, President of NYSACOP said 'The outrageous misinformation being spewed by the ADL is contemptable and irresponsible. It’s time for statements to be made based on facts and accurate data and to speak honestly and responsibly; rather than riding the fad of wokeness that illegitimately attacks the hard-working defenders of our communities.'

Added NYSACOP: "There is no place for hate, and we strongly condemn this as another act of dangerously divisive rhetoric."

As for the signs on E. Mitchell ... now you know the rest of the story.


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Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Dixon Harvey Dudderar
12 oct. 2022

The rest of this story … (Wonder if DeSantis ships Cuban refugees out of Florida, after first snagging them in Texas. As he did with the Venezuelans)? Lastly: “Critical Race Theory“ is technically what’s known as an ‘Area Of Study.’ RU against areas of study? Would ban some? In a First Amendment nation?

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