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Thankful for Responsible Government

Our corner of the woods - Emmet County - is not only very pretty, it's also very peaceful. No fear of a car jacking, pickpocketing, or the type of street crime that regularly happens in, say, New York City or Chicago. Or a even a small MI city like Benton Harbor. And that's why so many folks choose to live here despite the lack of amenities typically found in a more populated place and despite the off-the-beaten-path rural location.

Ergo when horrifying domestic violence occurs, as was the case in Friendship Township this past week, it's truly unsettling.

Pictured is Heather Mogg who has been charged with two felony counts. Count one is for second degree homicide-murder of Jonathon Tippett (Mogg's late boyfriend). Count two is for a weapons–felony firearm. According to one media report, "Mogg was also charged on a third misdemeanor count of possession of a firearm under the influence."

So ... in general, due to a high degree of self-governance among the year-round residents of Emmet, as well as a first-class law enforcement team - sheriff's dept., state troopers, city cops, and prosecutor - we remain a low crime, rule-of-law community.

Let's do our part to keep it that way. Live responsibly!



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