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Talk Show Host Takes No Prisoners

The never-ending controversy about the peripheral issues surrounding the nutrition grant continues.

After attending this past Thursday's Emmet County Board of Commissioners meeting (where the grant issue was discussed), Nick Rhudy, host of the Talk of the North radio show, passionately blasted not only health care bureaucrats, but also an individual who flippantly asked at the commissioners' meeting, 'Why are we still on the whole Covid thing?'

Why are we? Nick, like countless Americans, was personally and negatively affected by vaccine mandates. He still is. And it remains really, really relevant that the self-righteous, bungling social engineers, like Dr. Fauci and Gretchen Whitmer and Lisa Peacock, who contributed to the chaos and destruction, have not been held accountable.

Listen to his monologue at the 28:00 mark. Note that he mentions ERG. (Thanks, Nick!)

If you want to listen to his overall take on the Emmet Commissioners meeting go to the 21:40 mark.

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