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Swimming for Firefighters

This past weekend was the annual Mackinac Bridge Swim - a 4-5 mile event for charity.

Gail Ranville, of Emmet County, was not only a successful participant (pictured, right) but the top fundraiser!

The swim raised over $25,000. The money will go to the St. Ignace and Mackinaw City fire depts. as well as to a first responders children's foundation.

As both cities have a very small tax base and host many, many tourists in the summer, there's not as much funding as there should be for first responders, so this is a worthwhile cause.

About 110 folks signed up to swim, kayak volunteers galore - a quintessential Northern MI event.

Mega congrats to Aquawoman Gail, and kudos to her husband, George, former state senate candidate, who acted as her Sherpa. Aww.



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