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Stop Subsidizing Renewables!

The Wall Street Journal headline sums it up, "A Texas-sized Energy Fiasco: Austin passes subsidies for gas power to counter wind-power subsidies that have destabilized the state electric grid."

Crazy and expensive!

From the newspaper's opening paragraph: "Renewable subsidies have distorted and destabilized the Texas electric grid, which resulted in a week-long power outage during the February 2021 freeze. To prevent more blackouts, Republicans in the Lone Star State now plan to subsidize gas power plants.

The Texas Senate last week passed putative energy reforms to 'level the playing field,' as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick put it. Texans will now spend tens of billions of dollars to bolster natural-gas plants that provide reliable power but can’t make money because of competition from subsidized renewable energy."

Read the rest here. This. Is. Very. Serious. A national security issue. And it should serve as a warning to the fanatically pro-subsidies for green energy Whitmer Administration. Photo credit.

Also from Rep. Friske: "You look at other places [TEXAS] that have implemented this crazy Green New Deal ... and people are freezing, and the energy grid has gone to toast."



Apr 17, 2023

It's surprising to me that mis-information like post this doesn't get corrected?

1. ALL power sources failed in that freeze, natural gas powered plants, nuclear plant, etc. ALL the systems in Texas failed.

2. Texas has its own grid not contacted to the US East or West grid. Texas did this to avoid regulation - how's that worked out for them?

3. Oil and gas have in fact been subsidized for decades. This post is rubbish.

Apr 18, 2023
Replying to

Agree! Your post is rubbish.

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