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Stay in Your Lane!

A reader of this blog sent us this photo that was taken in the men's bathroom of the Petoskey District Library.

Library staff, apparently, have become increasingly consumed by championing - ahem - menstrual equity.

We are aware that the packet pictured (and the accompanying political messaging) is in the ladies' room of the library. But the promotion of this so-called cause has taken a turn for the ridiculous and the disturbing.

Real men don't have periods. Period!

Is there not a book that the librarians could possibly read and inform themselves about, like, Basic Biology 101?

In addition, the local newspaper recently published a TMI (Too Much Information) article about the library receiving a grant of $450 "for the purchase and installation of a tampon and pad dispenser."

The Petoskey District Library continues to have an identity crisis.

They are not a division of the county health department, and the library staff have no mandate to impersonate radicals from a gender studies dept.

The mission of the library is to be a pathway to the "joy of reading." 'Nuff said.



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