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Small Business Owner Takes on WOKE

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

As 'that woman from Michigan' turns a Midwestern state into a Commie sanctuary, the ERG blog tries to not shy away from controversial issues or from offering an alternative POV to a statist media that rarely sticks up for the little guy or gal.

In that spirit, we highlight this interview/conversation between Ian Murphy of the Iron Pig Smokehouse in Gaylord and Christine Geiger of the Studio 8 Hair Lab in Traverse City.

Christine explains that legislation triggered her Facebook post and shares, briefly, about the work she does as a human trafficking victim advocate (1:36 mark).

Ian, as some may recall, battled with the health department over draconian COVID restrictions. He is a feisty, #1A podcaster.



Frank Hawthorne
Frank Hawthorne
Jul 21, 2023

So typical! Yet more silly, grievance-stoked folks, who want the rest of us* to be as Unhappy as they.

*Not "Woke"(whatever that means) or "Communist"(which baseless taunt is so 20th Century)!!


Jul 20, 2023

So cool; I had no idea this podcast/channel existed! Thanks for sharing, ERG!

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