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Select Committee on CCP Questions MI EV Battery Plant Agreement

Two US Reps - Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin and Jason Smith of Missouri -chair the Select Committee on China and the Committee on Ways and Means, respectively.

The pair have drafted a letter to the CEO of the Ford Motor Company, James Farley, about the licensing agreement and partnership, with the China-based CATL corp. and Ford.

They have a series of questions that they are requesting be answered about the proposed lithium iron phosphate battery plant near Marshall, MI, including:

How many PRC nationals will be employed by the BlueOval Battery Park, and how will Ford ensure that products from CATL, to produce batteries in Michigan, are free of forced labor?

The fact that these questions have to be posed, especially the human rights one, is disturbing. But ERG is pleased that they are being asked, since MI officials, who voted for this corporate welfare scheme, didn't do any meaningful due diligence.

FYI: Here's the full letter that the congressmen sent.


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Jul 24, 2023

I'm glad someone is looking into this! Many red flags...

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