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Season of Giving: Know Thy Charity

As 2022 comes to a close, non-profit organizations invest much end-of-the-year energy asking individuals to donate to their cause, as the holiday season is the most important time of the year to do so.

Ask and ye shall receive and all that.

However, many of the famous charities are financial powerhouses. Do they really need your hard-earned dollars?

See the Forbes' Top 100 largest US Charities list. (Note: We can't help but notice that the Barack Obama Foundation is on the list and only rates a 56% toward "charitable commitment.")

If you have extra funds to be generous or if you are a goodhearted soul, perhaps consider giving to a local charity, like the Nehemiah Project's Christmas dinner, or a local individual in need or both. Your chances of knowing how your money is actually being invested are excellent. And you may develop a meaningful relationship with the people(s) you are blessing.



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