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Rich Ginop Elected BoC Chair

Last night the Emmet County Board of Commissioners held an organizational meeting.

It was the first time that the new commissioners (Chuck Laughbaum, Don Mapes, Rich Ginop, and Brian Gutowski) met with the returning commissioners (Dave White, Neil Ahrens, and Matt Koontz).

The purpose of the meeting was to elect the leadership, as well as divvy up committee assignments. We are very pleased that Rich, by a 4-3 vote prevailing over Dave, was elected as chair. Brian was elected as vice-chair. We are also pleased that Rich and Don Mapes were elected to serve on the Board of Health/Northwest Michigan over Matt who wasn't too enthusiastic about medical freedom when he served on that board.

Rich is eager to champion responsible government and reform, the kind that benefits overlooked taxpayers instead of special interests. We wish him the best as he and his fellow commissioners tackle the challenges of 2023.



Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Dixon Harvey Dudderar
Jan 08, 2023

Please define “medical freedom?”

Jan 16, 2023
Replying to

In so many words, you should be able to choose what you take into your body. The government has no jurisdiction or business MANDATING what you and your personal physician determine as the best avenue for care. We assume the majority of humans are intelligent enough to know and research for themselves what is safe and effective. For others, we can only assume that they may be unable to comprehend the ramifications of bad choices and may be in need of an over-simplified explanation and disclaimer.

Before you get too excited - This is not a license to exterminate unwanted children, but rather a healthy respect for human life. After all, if your life and the life of your neighbor…


Jan 05, 2023

Awesome! Thanks for keeping us informed!


Unknown member
Jan 04, 2023

“Medical freedom?” Please define?

And show us where “medical freedom” is mentioned — all of you “law and order“ “patriots” — in Michigan Public Health law and statutes?

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