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Restore Voters' Rights in Land Use Decisions

A bipartisan group has launched a ballot initiative campaign aimed at restoring the rights of MI voters in land use decisions for industrial wind and solar operations.

Public Act 233 of 2023 stripped away those [local] rights.

Among the individuals who support the campaign is Kelly Alexander of Emmet County who states: "My family and I have been living too close to wind turbines longer than anyone else in the state of Michigan. The two turbines in Mackinaw City are next to our home and are irresponsibly sited too close. But under the new state law, they could be placed even closer than they are now. Local control of zoning is the best way to make sure someone else isn't the next victim of corporate developers."

Here's the website.


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Lou Zako
Lou Zako
Jan 05

Every concerned citizen should sign the petition and then vote for this ballot proposal. There is far too much governmental control over our lives. We should constantly remind ourselves that we are the United States of America, with a constitution and Bill of Rights that address individual rights. We are not Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Communist China, Russia, or even Canada.

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